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For babies and family members

Sewing line
Nursery wreath in felt, sailing bear
Nursery wreath in felt, safari
Sea Life Nursery Wreath
Nursery wreath in felt, pink fox

Nursery wreaths

We have ready to deliver nursery wreaths on these themes: safari, little angel girl, pink fox, under the sea, bear and balloons, sailor bear. They are made of felt and fabric with a sattin ribbon at the back to hang in the baby room`s door or wall. The name is personalised to the baby or I can add "princess", "our boy", "our angel", etc.

You can also get a set of nursery wreath with matching theme photo frames below.

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Joshua`s Nursery wreath in felt, four bears and two balloons
Nursery wreath, girl tennis player in felt

I met Olivia`s dad many years ago and he is a tennis lover. In 2022 Olivia was born and the parents asked me to create a soft tennis racket and ball so she could start playing with dad from a very early stage. Developing the tennis racket and ball was great fun and I felt a nursery wreath with a little tennis player in it would be just perfect for this family. This is a stunning personalised gift.                      to get a custom made nursery wreath for your baby.

This is the nursery wreath handmade for Joshua, the baby so expected by his big brother. For this wreath the idea was to have one bear representing each family member. They were all so happy to welcome Joshua home and I had the pleasure of creating this unique piece of nursery decor that translates their love and the beautiful family they are. Note that to include all family members this wreath has a flat base where I could attach the balloons and the small bears. I can develop different shapes and formats on customised wreaths.

Nursery photo frames

Surf`s up photo frame in felt
Photo Frame Angel in felt, Pink
Photo Frame Dog in felt
Photo Frame Safari in felt

We have a range of ready to deliver nursery photo frames matching the same themes as the wreaths. You can buy them as separate items or make a beautiful set with the wreaths above. Available themes are: safari, little angel girl, bear and balloons, sailor bear. The photo frames can be customised with baby name.                       to guarantee yours.

This "Surf`s Up" photo frame was a custom order for a baby shower. Such a clever idea, right? I loved the idea of the gift and I am sure these parents were so delighted to find their little one`s gift was a cute handmade photo frame that will hold their memories in the form of photos.

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