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Emamory is a meaningful word which took me quite some time to find as I did not want to pick just any word for my business. It had to be something special for me.
I am Brazilian and when I decided to open this business I thought I should somehow connect my country of origin with where I live now (New Zealand). And New Zealand has this strong Maori culture. Then I started searching for the Brazilian indigenous tribes and their languages and I found the Galibi tribe. They live mainly in Brazil and Bolivia. I also looked for other tribes such as the Tupy-guarani however I needed a name which was easy to pronounce both in Portuguese and English and that had a special meaning as well.
Then I found “Emamory” which in Galibi language means “aurora”. And that was meaningful! We have the beautiful phenomenon of Aurora Australis in New Zealand (you can see it right from Stewart Island or Lake Tekapo, for example). It was just perfect and beautiful.
It also ended up “matching” with my inspiring phrase “nature inspires art and art inspires life” so it could not be anything better.
This is why you also see our logo as the aurora in the sky and a kiwi bird (typical from New Zealand).
Credit for this and for so much more you can see on this website goes to my hubby Raphael who helped me develop a lot of it.
So we hope you like it and that you may appreciate nature as well as the way we inspire your life through our art.

At Emamory you`ll find baby room and nurdery décor, baby shower gifts, handmade custom unique gifts, quality felt flowers and wedding bouquets and supplies.

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