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Felt dolls and birthday party

Sewing line
Little girl clown, blonde
Little girl clown, pink hair
Candy circus ringmaster, juggler and clown, female
Candy circus drummer, ringmaster and clown, male

Felt dolls for party hire

There are two different sets of felt dolls for the Candy Circus theme. The first one is the two cute clowns on top two photos. They are sister clowns dressing up the same, the only difference is the hair colour. The other set is shown on the following photos and video and there are a total of fourteen characters between male and female characters and animals. You can hire a minimun of two characters for your party decor.

If you find this theme to be what you want please get in touch        so we can book in your event and guarantee the characters you want. 

Candy circus

guirlanda joshua angulo_edited.jpg
Candy circus lion, bunny and seal
Candy circus magician, ballerina and candy floss clown, female
Ringmaster and pinwheel clown, male

Under the Sea is such a popular theme. I believe every girl had dreamed of being/playing a mermaid once in her life. This set has five characters you can choose from: two mermaids, an open shell, a starfish and a seahorse. Book in your event date 

Under the sea

Mermaid, shell and seahorse in felt
Mermaid and starfish in felt
Open shell with pearl in felt
Blonde mermaid in felt
Seahorse in felt
Mermaids, shell and starfish, in felt
Two birds made out of fabric and garden wire, green and beige
Green fabric bird in birthday decor
Beige fabric bird used in birthday decor
Fabric birds as birthday decor beside cake


Birds are a classic for boys and girls first birthdays and I currently have these two cuties available for hire. I intend to grow this theme and expand it to a "garden friends" theme adding other characters as well in the near future. The birds are done in fabric and garden wire. No felt goes on it but they are equaly cute.

If you like this theme but would need more of them please                      so I can book it in and get more done on time for your event.

So how it works?

If you would like to have any of the above themes in your party decor the first thing you need to do is                     now so I can check if they are available for your date of choice. For themes with multiple characters it might be that a few have been already hired by someone else for the same date but we can still provide you with the remaining characters if you like.

Ideally I request the hire to be confirmed three weeks before the event so I have enough time to ship it to you - considering the current delays with courier services throughout New Zealand.

The price range for hire is between NZD 20 - 40/ per character and a minimun of two characters need to be hired. Please get in touch so I can confirm price to you with a quote. Please note the characters can vary in size from 15cm to 45cm tall. Send me any inquiries you might have and I`ll be happy to confirm it to you.

Courier costs are customer responsability and I am happy to book the service for delivery/pick up on your behalf, provided you reimburse me for these costs upfront. I pack all items with care. You can use the exact same package to return it to me so you do not incurr in extra costs with that.

I do not make custom made items for hire unless I see the possibility of hiring it again in the future.

Custom made felt dolls

Custom made says it all: I can make anything you want - given I find the right materials and tools necessary - in the size you want, with the characteristics you need. 

I can make felt dolls with someone`s name on it so it is totally personalised to you.

Price range starts from NZD 110.00 and builds up depending on the level of detail needs to be included.                     so I can provide you a quote.

I also create felt dolls for different occasions. The angel you see to the right was personalised to a beautiful boy who had his baptism in 2022.

His mum asked me for the doll to look like her son and she provided me a photo of how the clothes should look like. The result was just incredible and I loved learning new techniques while I was making it.

Dilshan`s dream career is to be a New Zealand police officer when he grows up. His mum asked me to make a police officer and embroider his name on the uniform. So cool, huh? Legs and arms are independently articulated as well.

Felt angel personalised, baptism
New Zealand Police officer in felt

Amber`s birthday party had a special handmade piece decorating the cake table. The idea was to create a jewelry box that was also used on the birthday party to hold some sweets inside. The felt ballerina had more prominence, matching the project - just like in the photo beside - but the name of the birthday girl made the jewelry box very exclusive.

Amber`s jewelry box with ballerina in felt
Amber birthday set up
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