This exclusive piece of decoration was inspired on beautiful nature to bring into your home a fresh and relaxing environment. Come home for this beauty and leave outside any worries. Handmade felt hanging door decoration composed of a house with a bird in felt and three roses with pearl finish. The three hearts underneath are made from 100% cotton fabric to match colour combination. Hand cut and hand sewn “Home” on top of the house meaning obviously you have arrived the most comfortable place on earth: your Home.

Welcome hanging door decoration

  • Size: approximately 45cm tall and 21cm wide

    Weight: approximately 200g

    Materials: felt, glue, thread, pearls, satin ribbon, polyester filling, fabric 100% cotton.

    Care and cleaning: To ensure best quality is kept for longer please avoid direct sunlight exposure as this could damage colours on long term. To clean any dust please use soft cloth on delicate round movement. Do not soak in water. Felt is a soft material. If it gets flattened or squashed, simply use your fingers and gently pull it back on place.