“We Love NZ”photo frame is a unique piece of art inspired on iconic NZ symbols such as the Skytower, Kiwi and Tui birds and the Pohutukawa tree (or Christmas tree). It is an exclusive handmade gift yet so meaningful for those who live in or visit New Zealand or even for those who are moving overseas.

This photo frame measures 30cm x 30cm and photo size is             . White wooden frame with handmade felt decoration protected by glass layer on front part.

Please allow at least 10 days for it to be made. I'll do my best to have it ready as soon as possible.

“We Love NZ” photo frame

  • Size:

    Weight: 500 g

    Materials: wooden frame, felt, textile ink, glue.

    Care and cleaning: to ensure best quality ispreserved for longer please avoid direct sunlight exposure because this could damage colours on long term. Please handle inside part carefully as felt is soft. You might add your photo without removing the art frame from the inside, just moving it if some adjustment is necessary.

Auckland NZ

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