This unique bridal bouquet is one of our favourites ever! Made from good quality felt, you can find lots of beautiful flowers. This bouquet obviously is different from all others you may find because it has much more flowers than leaves. Take advantage of its live colours and be sure to have the perfect piece to go with you in your big day. You will look even more stunning!

This bouquet has:

♥ 2 proteas;

♥ 2 rannunculus;

♥ 2 cabbage roses;

♥ 2 classic roses;

♥ 4 rose buttons;

♥ 8 lisianthus;

♥ 2 dahlias;

♥ 3 wild flowers;

♥ 6 cherry blossoms;

♥ 8 eucalyptus branches;

♥ 4 green leaves branches.


Are you kidding me? How many flowers are there? We absolutely love it! Order yours today!

Please allow at least 30 days for it to be made. I'll do my best to have it ready as soon as possible.

Felt bridal bouquet

  • Size:

    Weight: 650 grams

    Materials: good quality felt, floral wire, glue, ribbon, lace wrapping.

    Care and cleaning: to ensure the best quality for longer please avoid sunlight exposure because this could damage colours. To clean heavy dust or stains, please use damp soft cloth and mild soap on delicate round movement. Let it dry naturally.

Auckland NZ

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