Handmade nursery garland with NZ farm animals theme. Animals are made out of felt stuffed with polyester filling. Garland is made out of cotton lace trim and fabric hem, suitable as a decorative object for hanging in the baby/children's room, on the wall or in the crib. It might be too long to hang on a door though so for this purpose please consider one of our handmade wreath options.

Please choose the colour of your preference for the details such as animal hair accessories and ties, etc. Please also choose if you would like these accessories to be flowers as per illustration or replaced by hair bow or other male accessory.

NZ Farm animals nursery garland

  • Size: 120cm long and about 12cm tall

    Weight: approximately 150g

    Materials: felt, glue, thread, beads, cotton lace trim , satin ribbon, fabric hem.

    Care and cleaning: to ensure best quality is kept for longer please avoid sunlight exposure as this could damage colours on long term. To clean any dust please use soft cloth on delicate round movement. Do not soak in water. Felt is a soft material. If it gets flattened or squashed, simply use your fingers and gently pull it back on place.