Handmade customised recipe notebook. This is a very cool gift idea for those who are moving into their own place so they can start collecting their preferred recipes. Also a great gift idea for anyone who absolutelly love cooking and creating dishes themselves. It does come with a very nice cover "My recipes" written in white felt and two divisions inside for "mains" and "deserts/sweets". Please choose the apron colour  of your preference. We will email you all stamps available for the colour of your choice.

Note: this example was done in other language however standard language is English.

Note: notebook style may vary according to what is available at time of purchase. We`ll always communicate well with you on this and make sure you are happy with some one of our options. You may contact us before placing an order should you have further queries.

Customised recipe notebook

Apron colour
  • Size: 15x21cm

    Weight: approximately 180g

    Materials: paper (notebook), hard cover, fabric, felt, glue, thread, buttons, ribbon, elastic rubber.

    Care and cleaning: to ensure the best quality is kept for longer please avoid sunlight exposure as this could damage colours on long term. To clean any dust please use soft cloth on delicate round movement. If any stains, try using soft cloth with neutral soap. Do not soak in water. Let it dry naturally. Felt is a soft material. If it gets flattened or squashed, simply use your fingers and gently pull it back on place.