Christmas decorated tea towels. 100% cotton fabric, white tea towel is perfect to dry dishes. Not only useful this is a beautiful decorated product. Makes a great gift for Secret Santa for example. 

Note: decorated fabric and ribbon lace may vary according to what is available at time of order. However stamp is same or similar and colours for other details are also kept the same.

Please select satin ribbon colour on field provided. 

We will send you photos of material before it is done so know exactly how it is going to look like.

If you have additional questions please contact us prior to placing order.

Christmas decorated tea towel

Ribbon colour
  • Size:

    Weight: 70 g

    Materials: 100% fabric, ribbon lace, thread, Christmas ribbon.

    Care and cleaning: to ensure best quality ispreserved for longer please avoid direct sunlight exposure because this could damage colours on long term. Please handle inside part carefully as felt is soft. You might add your photo without removing the art frame from the inside, just moving it if some adjustment necessary.