White Christening candle, specially customized for Christening event. Decoration applied on top of candle is made of a felt Holy Spirit and a doilies paper with satin ribbon lace on the bottom, so you are safe to light it and hold it. Candle is unscented.

Excellent for Christening gift. Customized, it is certainly a unique gift that lasts forever.

Note: name in felt letters is optional for an extra cost of NZD 5.00. Please add babys `name on field provided or leave it blank if you don`t want the name on it.

Christening Candle

SKU: 364215376135199
Colour option for felt name and satin ribbon
  • Size: 18cm tall, 7,5cm diameter approximately

    Weight: 100g

    Materials: candle, satin ribbon lace, felt, glue, beads, thread, textile ink (applied on eyes only), doilies paper.

    Care and cleaning: avoid dust exposure and direct sunlight for long hours as this could damage colours on long term. To clean heavy dust please use soft cloth and apply gentle round movement. Felt is soft and flexible, if it gets crumpled please gently use your fingers to bring it back on place. Gift box is provided to safely place candle back in if you wish to storage it.