Another one of our favourites! This is a cat family Christmas wreath. Ideal gift for those who love animals and specially cats. Mum, dad and these kittens are ready to make your place happier over Christmas time. All parts are handmade and hand sewn so you know you have a real unique decoration. Wreath front part is made of 100%cotton fabric of your choice and back is made out of felt, stuffed with polyester filling and a cardboard base. Decorative items are also made out of felt and a beautiful Christmas ribbon bow makes the finishing fantastic!

Note: once you place order, choose the background colour of your preference and we will email you with cotton fabric options so you get to choose which one you like most. If we do not hear back from you within three days we`ll pick the best combination available. 

Note: few decorative details may vary due to availability of material on time of purchase. If we are unable to have the exact same details we will email you with options which you can choose from. Guaranteed no major change to original project.

Cat family Christmas wreath