The cutest bunny keychain you`ve ever seen. Oh, that we know! It makes a perfect little gift to brighten someones`day. Live colours and lots of beautiful details makes this item unique. A bunny lover will so fall in love with this. It works as a gift on its own or as a complementary gift. For those who are allergic to animals, even better, they can have a best friend right at their hands.

Handmade and hand sewn bunny keychain made out of felt filled with polyester filling and metal so you can take it anywhere with you.  

Bunny keychain

  • Size: approximately 12cm tall (including ribbon and hook)

    Weight: approximately 20g

    Materials: felt, glue, thread, beads, satin ribbon, polyester filling and metal hook.

    Care and cleaning: because this is a very soft and delicate item please take care when handling it. To ensure best quality is kept for longer please avoid direct sunlight exposure as this could damage colours on long term. To clean any dust please use soft cloth on delicate round movement. Do not soak in water. Felt is a soft material. If it gets flattened or squashed, simply use your fingers and gently pull it back on place.