This is probably the cutest gift option you have ever seen. Tell someone how important they are by brightning their day. Single fabric flower with smily face on aluminium pot brings a positive message to make someones` day. A little gift for almost all occasions or...wait! Why would you need a occasion if it goes well on any day? Enjoy!

Be positive flower on pot

Pot colour
  • Size: 18 cm tall

    Weight: 50g

    Materials: felt, glue, fabric, thread, textile ink, aluminium pot, clay, moss, bbq stick, wooden sign.

    Care and cleaning: to ensure the best quality is kept for longer please avoid sunlight exposure as this could damage colours on long term. To clean heavy dust please use soft cloth on delicate round movement. Fabric is a soft material. If it gets flattened or squashed, simply use your fingers and gently pull it back on place.